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It may not be directly related to Abaper, but here we introduce View that can be created on HANA.
In the database layer of HANA, three views can be created, and depending on the BI tool, these views can be referred to directly.
Each View has its own characteristics, and it is possible to define View according to requirements.

Attribute View
A so-called master view that can be used in Analytic View and Calculation View described later.
Functionally, it is a mechanism to join multiple real tables and extract columns at high speed.

Analytic View
A data model of the star schema type. The part corresponding to the fact table is called Data Foundation, and a transaction table having numerical items is arranged. In the part corresponding to the dimension table, one or more master tables are arranged, which can be either a table or an Attribute View.
Analytic View can be accessed by SQL and MDX, and it forms the body of a multidimensional cube, but it is only definable and no entity exists. Constructs and returns the result set required by SQL and MDX as if it cropped from the multidimensional cube at the time of access.

Calculation View
It is defined using either SAP HANA extended SQL, SQLScript, its own function CE_Function, or graphic flow.
While the Analytic View is suitable for defining a single star schema, the Calculation View is a joystick between two or more star schemas, that is, a join between Analytic Views and complicated data that can not be represented unless it is coding It is suitable for defining the structure.

View Source Mode Report Use
AttributeView Table Graphical Impossible Master Data
 Analytic View Table

Attribute View

Graphical Possible Analysis
 Calculation View Table




Possible  In case cannot Analytic View

Please refer HANA View that can be created with HANA Studio here