ABAP How to find out where a particular string is used

Have you ever wanted to find out where a particular string is used?
For example, you want to find out if you are using a fixed consumption tax of ‘0.08’, or want to find out which program has the currency’JPY ‘.

If it is created as an object, you can easily find out in which program it is used from the usage list,

If you’re using static characters, there’s only one way to look at every program one by one.
You can use the program RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN provided as standard.
To use it, simply enter the search conditions in SE38 and execute it to output the program name matching the search + the corresponding source code in a list.

Selection Screen

Character string to be searched: Enter the character to be searched.
Program name: Program name to be searched. If it is an add-on program, you can use Z * etc.
Dynpro: Probably a screen number.
Program type: Executable programs, include restrictions, etc. Select by referring to the search help.
Application program, function module, logical DB: module selection. It will be effective if you make sure that you enter it properly when creating the program.
Program creation: ID of creator
Changer: ID of the changer
Package: If it is an add-on program, you can use Z * etc.
Function group: Restriction by function group name.
Class / Interface: Restriction on class name.
Position found +/- x lines: default 2
Expand Include: On / Off
Modification Assistant Modification: On / Off
Ignore comment lines: On / Off
ABAP program: radio button
Screen control logic: radio button
ABAP and screens: radio buttons
Version data: On / Off


Program name, ALV display of one line before and after the relevant part
Double-click to jump to the corresponding program