ABAP SD(Sales) Sales, Delivery and Invoice User-Exit


The user exit that is the main SD module is sold: MV45AFZZ (other MV45AFZ *), billed: RV60AFZZ (other RV60AFZ *), shipped: MV50AFZZ (other MV50AFZ *)
However, the following exits also exist.

Select the component from Transaction: SMOD and see if it meets your requirements.

【Sales Order】
SDTRM001 Schedule line rescheduling run (without new ATP check)
V45A0001 Determining alternative items for product selection
V45A0002 Sold-to party pre-defined (sales slip)
V45A0003 Collector for customer function module pool MV45A
V45A0004 Copy of packaging proposal
V45E0001 Update: Sales Order-> Purchase Order
V45E0002 Procurement element data transfer (PRreq., Assembly)
V45L0001 SD component vendor processing customer enhancements
V45P0001 SD Customer function: Intercompany sales
V45S0001 Sales document update (system setting)
V45S0003 MRP related for incomplete system configuration
V45S0004 Order activation type
V45W0001 Sales and distribution-Service management: Transfer contract data to item
V46H0001 SD customer functions for resource-related billing
V60F0001 SD Billing Plan-Customer Enhancement (Other than Legacy Billing Plan)

SDVFX007 User Exit: Billing Plan (for accounting transfer)
SDVFX008 User Exit: Processing SD-FI transfer structure
SDVFX009 Billing slip processing KIDONO (Payment reference number)
SDVFX010 User Exit: Customer item line item table
SDVFX011 User Exit: komkcv structure / kompcv structure
V05I0001 User Exit: Billing Index
V05N0001 User Exit: Printing via billing document POR procedure
V60A0001 Customer Function Module: Billing Document
V60P0001 Storage of data: Additional fields for list display
V61A0001 Customer Enhancement: Pricing

MV56AINI Transportation Transaction Management Initialization
V02V0001 Sales area determination: Stock transfer order
V02V0002 User Exit: Storage location determination
V02V0003 User Exit: Gate + Material supply determination (header)
V02V0004 User Exit: Supply area determination (item)
V50PSTAT Outbound Delivery: Item Status Calculation
V50Q0001 Shipping Monitor: User Exit-Enter Display Item
V50R0001 Collective processing: Create delivery
V50R0002 Collective processing: Create delivery
V50R0004 Purchase order inventory calculation for deadline date list
V50S0001 User Exit: Shipping processing
V53C0001 Workload Estimate: Hours / Detail
V53C0002 & S: RWE Enhancement-Shipping Material Type / Time
V53W0001 User Exit: Picking cycle registration
V56AFCCH Shipment processing: Check available function codes
V56DISTZ Shipment processing: Transportation distance setting
V56LOCID Shipment Processing: Location ID Determination
V56SLDET Shipment processing: Section determination
V56TDLIF Shipment Line Item Shipment Filtering
V56UCHCO Shipment Processing: Completion Check
VMDE0001 Shipping Interface: Error Handling-Incoming IDoc
VMDE0002 Shipping interface: Message PICKSD (picking / sending)
VMDE0003 Shipping Interface: Message SDPICK (Picking / Receiving)
VMDE0004 Shipping interface: Message SDPACK (picking / receiving)