ABAP Transaction Code, Tables and Programs for SapScript


Transaction Code

SE71 Used in SapScript development. Mainly develop and modify in this transaction.
SE72It seems to be a style definition for SapScript, but it is unknown where it can be used because it has not been used.
SE73If you want to install fonts or use barcodes, you need to set this transaction. Set the bar code to the bar code of the initial character before use.
SE74SapScript format conversion. Since it has not been used, it is unknown how to use it.
SE75You can check the text ID etc. set in each module.
Do I need to see this … I doubt.
SE76SapScript translation. After creating in the original language, this transaction expands to other languages. One thing to keep in mind is that if you change the logic in the original language after deployment, you must make the same change in all languages.
SE77The style version above. unknown.
SE78A transaction that saves a bitmap image in SAP. You can save the company name logo etc. as an image and display it in SapScript. The image can be selected from black and white and color.


Since accounting is a little special, I will introduce the table used for the output type of logistic (SD, MM, etc.).

TNAPROutput type, print program, SapScript association table.
NASTThe execution history of each output type is saved.


SapScript does not have a version management screen (although it can only check valid languages), so it cannot be compared with other systems. Also, if you have multiple languages, or if opening each window is troublesome, you can change it in text format.

Enter the SapScript name in the object name with the program RSTXSCRP and execute the mode with EXPORT to download the SapScript definition locally. You can upload files by comparing files downloaded from each environment with a tool, modifying the code in the text, and executing it in IMPORT mode.